We are dedicated to breeding the finest quality, sweet-tempered rough-coated traditional classic British Shorthair at a very reasonable price. We take great pride in the feedback received from the clientele that our British Shorthair has grown up to be a very socially sound and friendly adult kitten. This provides us with the necessary incentive to continue breeding these beautiful, loyal, and devoted kittens.


  • All of our kittens are very socialized. They have large yard areas to run and play. We encourage interaction by visitors so they are very accepting of contact with a diverse public. We believe the trust of our bitches translates into easily socialized kittens. The kittens are handled (imprinted) from the day they are born. We strongly feel this “imprinting” makes them very trusting of humans and they respond by wanting to please.
  • We specifically breed for British Shorthair with a broad, medium-length nose, soft clear eyes, strong legs (not stubby nor too long), and we especially breed for temperament. Not one of our kittens is aggressive towards humans and we want our British Shorthair to be the same way.


Our goal is to maintain breeding British Shorthair that represents all kittens … 3 dominant colors of red, black, & cream and 2 dilute colors of cinnamon & blue. Thereby, we can provide kittens to meet your specific color preference. We have litters born throughout the year, so please contact us to ascertain availability.